Spray Foam Insulation Oshawa

Did you know that you may have unused space in your own home? Your attic and basement are spaces that are just waiting to be used. However, before you can use them, you have to ensure they will be comfortable. While your initial thought may be to install traditional fiberglass insulation, there is a better option – spray foam insulation in Oshawa.

Finding New Space in Your Oshawa Home

Regardless of if you want to transform your basement into a game room area for the kids, or ensure your attic can store pictures, movies, and other memories safely, then you should consider spray foam. The professionals at GTA Spray Foam can easily coat any space in your home with the material to help ensure it is comfortable throughout the year.

When you choose spray foam for insulating your home, you will find that only one coat of the material is necessary.

It begins in liquid form, to ensure every nook and cranny is completely filled. Once dried, the material is rigid, ensuring to keep cold out during the winter and in during the summer.


Other Areas to Use Spray Foam

The good news is that the basement and attic in your home are not the only areas that can benefit from spray insulation. In fact, this same product can be used in the garage and virtually any other area of a home or business. If you have found that your home is not staying as cool or warm as you would like, then considering using spray foam can be quite beneficial.

The team at GTA Spray foam is not only able to provide superior results with a superior product, they will also ensure that the product is applied properly the first time.

Many spray foam applications are done on spaces that are hard to reach. The major areas include the following:

  • Window and door cable frames

  • Floor chases

  • Electrical cables and plumbing spaces

  • Gaps between walls and switches

  • Roof leaks and fixtures
  • Hatches on staircases and attics
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