Home and Comfort Advantages

At Spray Foam GTA, we pride ourselves on being one of the best spray foam insulation service providers around. Compared to other insulation types, spray foam solutions have proven to be the most effective, since they provide an airtight seal that prevents air leakage and keeps the normal air conditions in the house. This is a great investment for homeowners who are looking for optimal environmental conditions around their home.

Winter time is usually characterized by extremely cold temperatures. If your house leaks, particularly in the attic areas, this could lead to heat loss from these crevices, thus causing uncomfortably cold conditions in the house as well.

Our spray foam insulation services are made for the winter because they are able to seal out the cold weather completely, and ensure that the warmth that is in the house stays in the house without the need for further energy consumption through the AC units.

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Some of the insulation types can only insulate so well because of the inability to completely fill up the cracks. These loopholes are very dangerous as they can still lead to the entry of moisture and vermin while encouraging the growth of mold and algae. If left unattended or complemented using other insulations they may end up losing their efficiency in terms of the R-value.

With Spray Foam GTA solutions, this can be a thing of the past. The spray foam we use will combine to expand substantially ensuring the complete filling up of the holes, while at the same time keeping out vermin. No one lives comfortably knowing that at any given time, there could be mice presence at a given place in the house. Spray foam insulation ensures that all these threats are kept at bay.

Home comfort at virtually no price

The concept of spray foam insulation being a long-term investment has been explained time and time again and we are here to put it into perspective. We all need to be comfortable in our living space to be productive. Without comfort, there is likely to be stress and disarray around and this can also lead to health problems.

Comfort levels in the home go hand in hand with spray foam insulation because it ensures that the housing temperatures are at their most favorable for human residing. Air leaks lead to high energy bills, but with our insulation services, you will be able to reclaim lots of money that was initially being wasted on energy bills while still retaining a comfortable demeanor in your home.

Since its application is fairly simple when done by experts, you are given a head start to begin your money-saving spree in the form of energy bills. There are also several other merits that come with spray foam in terms of air conditions around the house:

Prevents dust and moisture entry, thereby preventing potential illnesses

Indoor air quality is significantly improved by locking out cold air in the winter while keeping air conditions cool and bearable in the hot summers

Leads to low heating and cooling costs

While some of these may appear insignificant to the common observer, their impact on your energy cost over the long term is immense. Our technicians will take a look at your home and identify all areas that require sealing before commencing work. It is advisable to remove any items stored in attics and other heavy work areas in advance so as to make the insulation job quicker and more efficient.

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