Spray Foam Insulation Ajax

Keeping costs down in your home or business is typically a top priority. After all, no one wants to pay more than necessary to heat and cool their home.

One of the best, most effective ways to minimize energy costs further is by utilizing the power of spray foam insulation in Ajax.

spray foam insulation ajax

Why Fiberglass Insulation is Ineffective?

If you have a commercial building or home that is still using the traditional type of fiberglass insulation, then there is a good chance that the power costs you have to pay are extremely high. In most cases, this is the result of all the gaps and spaces that are present in the insulation. These empty areas allow cold and hot air to escape from the envelope of the home.

There is a bit of good news. You can opt to have spray foam insulation installed and say goodbye to these gaps and crevices that allow air to move in and out. Spray foam is a superior product that helps to keep your home, or a commercial space comfortable, regardless of what the temperature may be outdoors.

Where can Spray Foam be Effective?

Since your home or business likely has some type of insulation present, you may wonder how spray foam can be beneficial. The fact is, Spray Foam GTA does not just offer insulation application services, they can also remove old insulation to ensure the spray foam is able to be as effective as possible.

Some of the areas where this product can be extremely effective include:

  • Cable frames around windows and doors
  • Electrical cable holes or plumbing spaces
  • Any gaps in between walls and switches
  • Roof fixtures
  • Hatches that lead to the attic

If you are ready to see first-hand the many benefits offered by spray foam, then contact Spray Foam GTA today.

Many spray foam applications are done on spaces that are hard to reach. The major areas include the following:

  • Window and door cable frames

  • Floor chases

  • Electrical cables and plumbing spaces

  • Gaps between walls and switches

  • Roof leaks and fixtures
  • Hatches on staircases and attics
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