Basement Spray Foam Insulation

A basement is usually one of the most isolated places in the house, typically characterized by unhealthiness, mold presence, and unnecessary moisture. It is true that the basement is subject to a lot of risks and adversities.

The basement is, by nature, subject to moisture. Basements are located under the ground level in most of the times, and this means they are surrounded by earth which is typically very wet almost all the time. During the winter when it is cold, the area above tends to freeze, making it a near-perfect victim of condensation and frost accumulation.

If your walls are poorly sealed, the frost, which tends to melt during springtime, will let the water run down the walls and to the floor causing you to think that your basement is leaking.

This water that is unaccounted for makes perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. All this can be avoided when you perform a spray foam insulation on your basement.

Basement Spray Foam Insulation

Why not other insulation methods?

As professionals, it is upon us to provide the most adequate of services to customers. As such, we wouldn’t recommend other insulations on the basement due to various reasons.  The key to successfully insulated basement walls is selecting insulation materials that stop the flow of moisture and growth of mold.

Conventional fiberglass and vapor barriers are simply ineffective in the basement, not to mention the difficult to fully apply them to make the room moisture-proof. The best solution in our expert eye would be an air impermeable material or in other words, spray foam insulation.

The value of spray foam on the basement

This is by far the best insulation material for the basement and damp areas, for a number of key reasons. The first and most plausible one being that it has a very high R-value, meaning it acts as an air and vapor barrier and is virtually impenetrable. Closed cell spray foam, is particularly perfect for locking out the water vapor, which is in many cases trying to move from the damp basement walls to the finished basement floors.

Once it is applied to the interior concrete, it offers exemplary results. In addition, spray foam combines several functions in one product, which include:

Super insulation

Drying potential – which essentially means concrete in a new concrete foundation is able to dissipate harmlessly without the risk of mold growth

No possibility of frost due to the tight air seals

Since closed cell insulation is waterproof, water will not come into the basement in the event of a leak in the foundation

Additional structural stability

Pipes, wires and other useful utilities all around the basement are covered with ease.

Should new homeowners consider basement insulation?

For people looking to move into a new house, basement insulation is of utmost importance. While sales agents may not necessarily advice for the insulation to close the house deal on cheaper terms, in the long term, you may end up overwhelmed with insulation-associated repairs, or lack of it thereof.

Going that extra mile and adopting spray foam insulation is practically a long term investment when you are moving to a new home.

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