Green Environmental Solution

Compared to other insulation types, spray polyurethane foam has a number of benefits to the environment. Spray Foam GTA has adopted the best ingredients in the market today in construction material and methods which are also eco-friendly.

Closed cell spray polyurethane foam (ccSPF) is quite impressive in its performance and environmental friendliness. Its density and rigid nature make for a great way to improve building durability and structural strength.

Unlike other insulation types that waiver under harsh weather conditions, ccSPF can be applied in all climates and is the preferred one in extremely cold weather conditions since it provides higher insulating properties.

Green Environmental

The green effect of spray foam

A recent study suggested that many of the firms today are aiming at shifting their businesses toward sustainable construction with more than half of them planning to have more than 60% of their work adopt a green strategy by next year. Spray Foam GTA is among those undertaking such initiatives, and one way we are doing this is by providing green services in the form of spray foam.

Spray foam particularly stands out from other forms of insulation when it comes to safeguarding the environment due to a number of reasons- the main one being that it combines thermal and air sealing attributes with water resistance and self-adhesion while enhancing the structural strength of a building. All these combinations are very handy and they enable ccSPF to perform a number of operations:

Higher thermal performance

Compared to other traditional methods of insulating a building like fiberglass and cellulose, spray foam provides a higher thermal performance including impenetrable air sealing that improves the overall building envelope performance.

Rigid and lightweight

The high insulating power of spray foam ensures that a building uses minimal energy to run. If a commercial building is constantly subjected to energy bills, it could only mean that there is high energy that is being used to run it. A greater energy amount suggests more emissions of harmful matter to the atmosphere. Spray foam chips in to slash these utility bills and consequently save the natural environmental air from pollution.

Energy Sufficiency

Thirdly, spray foam insulation reduces material costs as it requires a lower exterior wall depth to achieve the maximum insulation effect. While other forms of insulation require at least a 2 x 6 thickness to be effective, a 2 x 4 wall depth will be enough to achieve maximum heat insulation if you chose spray foam. Due to its low thermal load, spray foam also helps to minimize your energy bills further because the material does not absorb much heat.

Moisture protection

The moisture protection properties of spray foam also ensure that there is no growth of mold and mildew in your personal environment. The same cannot be said about other insulation types, which mostly offer protection against air penetration to the house.


Commercial roofs degradation could indirectly mean environmental decline as well. Through the use of spray foam on these roofs, one can re-coat these roofing systems such that they are far more durable.

Made from resourceful material

Spray foam has an additional environmental benefit, as it is made out of polyols that are made from renewable content such as soy.

Indoor environment

The inside of your house is also vulnerable to a lot of pollutants such as smoke, unwanted moisture, and emissions from building components. Spray foam provides the best building envelope that will safeguard your house from volatile organic compounds such as algae and mold, as well as well as repel water vapor that facilitates the growth of these organisms.

Remember, the choice of insulation you make today will directly or indirectly affect the overall environment as a whole in future. Spray Foam GTA is here to act as the guide to helping you make the right choice, by insulating your home with spray foam.

While some of these may appear insignificant to the common observer, their impact on your energy cost over the long term is immense. Our technicians will take a look at your home and identify all areas that require sealing before commencing work. It is advisable to remove any items stored in attics and other heavy work areas in advance so as to make the insulation job quicker and more efficient.

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