Insulation Removal Services

Is your warehouse bound to have bad odors, particularly in secluded places? Or perhaps, is the existing insulation old, weary, and dirty, thereby repelling potential customers and clients?

A deteriorating insulation may cause these mishaps in your building and it needs to be removed and replaced. If you find yourself in a situation where your building is still incurring considerably high energy bills, then it would mean that it is time to have the old insulation removed, and that is where Spray Foam GTA comes in handy.

With our sophisticated equipment and products, we ensure that every bit of the old insulation is expertly taken down to pave the way for newer methods of insulating your building.

Insulation Removal

As professionals, we advise against attempting to take down the insulations by yourself. This may look like a simple procedure on paper, but with the lack of complex equipment and proper gear, you run the risk of creating major airborne health issues in your building. You may also not be aware of the appearance of potentially harmful materials that make up the old insulation such as asbestos. Contact with such substances may have serious repercussions on your health.

removal of insulation - vacuuming

Removal of insulation is not a job for your average contractor either and requires some degree of finesse and skill. Apart from being a labor intensive procedure, there are also many hazards involved in the process.

Hiring professionals will prove helpful in that you will be guaranteed a proper job done, as well as eliminating potential losses and dangers that arise from substandard services. Our experienced personnel will be sure to get the job done in the most effective manner for you while ensuring safety is maintained.

In addition, we are well equipped to tackle any form of unwanted insulation from your building. From fiberglass, batt insulation, to the combination of batts and blown-in insulation, there is no predicament that is too tough for us to handle. Regardless of the insulation type and the contaminants that come with it, we are here to help.

Seeking insulation removal services may not be a regular occurrence, but there are negative changes in your structure and environment that could indicate something needs to be done.

Insulation Removal

There are certain pointers in your building that will be a clear indication that the premises’ insulations need to be checked out and possibly removed.

  • Rodent and mice presence
  • Higher than usual energy bills
  • Four odors
  • Mold presence

Are you noticing these issues in your building or home? It is probably because the insulation is no longer effective or it has worn out.

Once you have spotted a mouse in your building, be sure that there are more. The reason your insulation is not functioning properly could be attributed to the presence of vermin in your premises. These tiny animals have the ability to tear through the insulations, rendering them useless, and thus begging for the need of their complete removal. A damaged ceiling is another cause for alarm as it could be caused potentially by the droppings of vermin. If there is such a case in your building, it is best you contact insulation removal professionals.

While there are many other ways through which homeowners can insulate their homes, spray foam offers many advantages. To begin with, sprayed form is quite flexible and can be applied to all kinds of surfaces, regardless of the building material or shape.

Vacuum Hose

You installed the insulations to minimize energy bills but over time, you find yourself needing the AC system during certain seasons. This could mean that the insulations are becoming obsolete, and you need to change them sooner rather than later, to restore normalcy in your home or industrial building.

Bad smell in a building could be due to a number of reasons. However, an old insulation system could be top of the suspect list.

Insulation Removal Vacuum Bags

Animal droppings odors can make their way into your home as a result of old insulations, which are once again allowing air back into the house. If the air is somewhat discomforting, for example, too moist, it could also mean that the insulating system needs to be removed for the establishment of a newer one.

Insulators are primarily meant to keep menaces such as mold away from your building. However, insulators that are slowly succumbing over time will lead to infiltration of moisture through the cracks, causing mold to thrive.

removal of insulation - vacuuming

You may also consider removing insulation in your building if you intend to add another floor. If you wish to go another milestone in your home or commercial building, we are here to ensure the sanity and freshness of all your walls, including the old ones, by removing any unwanted insulations that are of no use.

With a new floor, comes a newer insulation, and our team is here to ensure that all the necessary insulation upgrades are done. Building expansion is an exciting project, and at Spray Foam GTA, we make sure the insulation removal is handled smoothly.

Insulation removal process requires skill and equipment. That said, our dedicated team will provide a candid procedure that will put all the factors into consideration- from your overall safety to maintaining the environment, to causing as little disturbance to your daily activities as possible.

The first thing our team sets out to do is to access the roof space. This can be a tedious process, but as experts, we are able to access whatever type of roof, be it metal, cathedral ceilings, multi-story buildings and any other roof spaces that are very difficult to access.

Insulations vary from one building to the next, so depending on the type of insulation facing us, we will use different methods of removal. Some fairly mild cases of insulation removal will be removed expertly by hand, while harder removals will require the use of our high-power industrial vacuum systems, which are specifically designed for insulation removal. All the insulation baggage is wrapped up and disposed of by us, so there is no worry about potential environmental degradation from the waste material.

On an average roof, the process is likely to take 1 to 2 hours without any interruption, although some extreme cases may require a little more time. All the same, there is virtually no type of insulation that is too big for our team.

Our dedicated insulation removal provides a number of key benefits:

Eradication of potentially dangerous fiber

It eradicates potentially dangerous fiber from your roof


It promotes healthy living, particularly for asthma patients

Reducing the Risk of Fire

The old insulations are a fire hazard, hence, the removal reduces fire risks.

These are just a few of the merits you will enjoy when you take up our insulation removal services. Call us on 1-647-973-3626  for a free quote.