Enbridge Gas Residential Rebates and Incentive Programs

Our energy efficiency programs can give you a head start on reducing energy costs in your home.

Smart Thermostats Program – Home Comfort. Automatic Savings.

One of the easiest ways to save on your energy costs is by installing a smart thermostat. It uses sensors and Wi-Fi technology to maximize your home comfort and energy savings. That’s why Enbridge Gas Distribtution is proud to introduce our new Smart Thermostats Program. Simply purchase and install one of the qualifying smart thermostats and apply before December 31, 2016 to receive a $100 bill credit applied to your Enbridge account. Visit knowyourenergyscore.ca for full program details.

Home Energy Conservation Program – Use Less. Do More.

Enbridge Gas Distribution is proud to offer the Home Energy Conservation Program again for 2016. Complete with energy expertise and valuable incentives of up to $2,100 to qualified homeowners, this program makes it easy and affordable for you to understand and improve the energy efficiency of your home, lower your energy bills and lessen your home’s impact on the environment. Please visit knowyourenergyscore.ca

The City of Toronto’s Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) provides low-interest loans for home energy efficiency improvements.  Through the program, qualifying homeowners can apply for funding from the City and the loan is then repaid via monthly installments on the homeowner’s property tax bill.  Eligible properties include detached, semi-detached and row houses.  HELP is now available to homeowners all across Toronto.  To learn more, visit the HELP website.

Do you qualify for the Home Winterproofing Program?

The Home Winterproofing program helps eligible low-income Enbridge customers lower their energy costs and make their home healthier, comfortable and energy efficient.  For qualifying customers, your home may have free energy efficiency upgrades completed to reduce your energy costs.

While some of these may appear insignificant to the common observer, their impact on your energy cost over the long term is immense. Our technicians will take a look at your home and identify all areas that require sealing before commencing work. It is advisable to remove any items stored in attics and other heavy work areas in advance so as to make the insulation job quicker and more efficient.

To receive a free quotation for your home’s spray foam insulation, call us on 1-647-973-3626.