Features and Benefits of Spray Foam

It is not uncommon to hear of people chanting about the high pricing of spray foam insulation services. Sure, the use of spray foam would suggest a slightly higher expense compared to other insulation types, but the merits that come with it are immense.

In truth, spray foam is not only a money-saver, but it is also effective in its job of safeguarding your building from losing its value through leakage-related damage.

It is very easy to miss out on a nice investment in the form of spray foam insulation, and this is why at Spray Foam GTA, we aim at shedding some light on some of the many benefits of our spray foam product to your house, as well as justifying why it outperforms the other insulation types.

To start off, spray foam has several attributes that distinctly distinguish it from other types of insulation

Highest R-value

Spray foam has, by far, the highest R-value of any insulation product. The R-value is simply the insulating power of a product, and spray foam insulation is right up there. Independent laboratories have conducted various researches on the R-value of spray foam in relation to other types such as fiberglass and cellulose, and the results were astonishingly tilted toward spray foam, with its R-6 value the highest in the market.

Before application, special precautions must be taken to avoid spills on sensitive equipment as well as to ensure that just enough foam is sprayed into an opening.

Provides both moisture and air protection

While many of the insulators are geared toward preventing air from penetrating through walls and air spaces, they tend to overlook the moisture threat that comes in the form of water vapor. Moisture infiltration could ultimately lead to the growth of mold and attract vermin and rodents to your house.

One special feature of spray foam is that it is impermeable to water. This means that it curbs both the water and air threat, making it the ultimate super-insulator.

Rigid and durable in nature

While other insulation types are bound to lose their power over a period of time, one need not worry about our spray foam products undergoing the same degradations, as they are made to last over a very long time. Not only that but they are also able to keep their R-value for as long as they are still functional. Its indefinite lifespan makes the spray foam insulation the most reliable in the market today.

The benefits that come with using our spray foam insulation services are many. While some may be general insulation merits regardless of the insulation type, there are some advantages that make spray foam insulation one to go with:


There is always the question of whether spray foam is eco-friendly and the answer is definitely, yes. This is shown by the fact that it is the most effective insulator when it comes to energy efficiency, while at the same time protecting the walls against moisture and growth of mold. Its long lifespan also means that you do not need to regularly use more resources while trying to keep your home insulated.

Tightest air seal

Compared to other insulation products, spray foam insulation provides the best airtight seal. This is because the initial chemicals released from the nozzle expand once in contact with the surface in question, completely covering it up.

Other benefits

In addition to that, the spray foam also:

  • Deters mold
  • Blocks moisture
  • Saves outrageous amounts of energy

Experts have themselves concluded that spray foam insulation is the best for crawl spaces and air leaks. We would love to help stop the energy wastage menace in your home through our insulation services. For any further inquiries, feel free to call us on 1-647-973-3626.