What Is Spray Foam?

A building’s performance can be directly affected by the quality of air that circulates inside it. It is estimated that roughly 34 percent of air in a house infiltrates through walls, ceilings, and floors. Such infiltrations may negatively alter the air circulation in your home, leading to abnormal temperatures and humidity. During summer time, for example, the hot air may seep through these cracks, resulting in even hotter conditions, and vice versa.

This brings the need to cover up these cracks in order to maintain an overall balance in your building as far as air circulation is concerned. This is where our insulation solutions at Spray Foam GTA come in.

Spray foam is essentially a mixture of two chemicals, which react chemically to form a foam that is used in insulating surfaces, sealing unwanted air spaces and in moisture prevention around a building. Our spray foam insulations offer a splendid solution for chronic air and moisture infiltration in the house, which tend to threaten or tip off the delicate balance of a room’s natural temperature.

Attic Insulation

Our spray foam is well known to effectively stop any form of heat transfer and ensures that the heat inside the room remains inside, while external heat remains outside. Spray foam is typically made up of two materials which are isocyanate and polyol resin. When mixed, the two react with each other to expand significantly – more than 30 times its volume – when sprayed on surfaces. This reaction, in turn, helps to seal up cracks and holes in ceilings and walls inside the house.

Since the materials expand once they come into contact with each other, only a little amount of spray foam is needed per crack to effectively seal it, virtually preventing any form of infiltration.

The spray foam insulation we provide at Spray Foam GTA comes with a number of benefits, the most significant being the fact that it acts as a powerful air-sealing tool. From rim joists to attic walls and floors, there is nothing that can surpass the abilities of our spray foam.

In addition to air protection, our spray foam services will ensure you and your family live in utmost comfort in your home. It can be quite frustrating to regulate conditions in your entire house using air conditioners, simply because unwanted air conditions will not cease to come in through the ‘loopholes’.

We at Spray Foam GTA aim at breaking that tendency, and ensure that our services keep you and your family happy with your living conditions.

Energy bills can be a nightmare, especially if you cannot account for every single appliance that is consuming power in your building. A recent study revealed that up to 42 percent of the energy in homes is lost through air infiltration through the walls, windows, and doorways. Through spray foaming, there is a considerable change in mass energy wastage as air conditions in the house remain at an optimum level. High utility bills quickly become a thing of the past.

If you are aiming at lowering energy bills and protecting the interior of your home, consider applying spray foam. To inquire about Spray Foam GTA services, dial 1-647-973-3626.  We will provide you with more details on the type of spray foam that best suits your home.