Energy Efficiency Savings

If you have been battling huge energy bills for the longest time, the problem might be in your air system around the house. A recent study revealed that as much as 40 percent of a building’s energy is lost through air infiltrations from various sources in the house – the most chronic being the basement and the attic. The lingering question has always been to find the best way of curbing this menace, and the most probable answer is through insulation.

At Spray Foam GTA, we provide the best spray foam insulation solution that will help you reclaim back your money by significantly slashing your energy bills.

energy saving

The energy efficiency equation of spray foam

Adopting spray foam as a mode of insulating your home may seem like a far-fetched idea due to the financial implications but there is a way to look at it that will bring everything to perspective, and reveal the energy and money saving qualities of our product.

If your home comprises of 2500 square feet of living area, the cost of regularly heating and cooling the home can be very overwhelming especially due to the constantly changing seasons. If you invest in insulating the home instead, using spray foam, you stand to reap considerably. Since 40% of your energy is lost through these infiltrations, proper spray foam insulation will ensure that the holes are sealed and airtight, thereby saving you up to 40% of your income, monthly.

In the subsequent months, you will be in a position to save smartly while also putting your money to more productive uses and in a year, an average person may well end up saving or properly utilizing a staggering $960. Calculate this in relation to the cost of insulating the house using our spray foam services and it will amount to up to 25% return on your investment.

A larger amount of energy used in homes goes to heating and cooling. Why is this so? Simple- the energy is consistently being lost due to a poorly insulated home. Spray Foam GTA offers a solution for both the summer and the winter by making usage of the HVAC systems optimal.

Air sealing qualities

Air leaks can be a nightmare, especially since they are hard to detect. The most common places that are prone to air leaks are wiring holes, plumbing vents, attic hatches, and behind knee walls. If these leaks are left unattended to they can lead to high bills as you try to contain the air conditions in the house.

Unlike most other insulation methods, spray foam insulation offers an air seal that is able to lock out the unfavorable air outside, and maintain the normal room conditions inside the house. The gaps in the attic and other vulnerable places are completely sealed to ensure virtually no air or moisture is able to move in and out of the house. Winter days are likely to be more bearable, because of the warm conditions in the house without any high energy bills to fuss about.

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