Attic Insulation Removal

The first and most important step in the attic cleaning process is usually insulation removal. If your attic is characterized by old dilapidated and dirty insulations, it might be time to consider getting them completely removed for newer, more effective versions. Attic insulations that are worn out are usually of little use, and you may find yourself back to the huge energy bills once again. Dirty insulations are also not very useful in their work, as they are likely to have been contaminated by pests and rodents, which can pose some health risks.

If either of these scenarios is the case, it is time to remove the insulation and our team is always on hand to provide you with the best insulation removal services.

Regardless of the type of insulation that is posing health risks in your home due to its worn-out status, we will be able to deliver a top-notch removal service. Once applied, the liquid expands and forms bubbles that dry up, filling up space. Because gases are naturally poor conductors of heat, and because the foam is made up of materials that have high resistance to heat transfer, heat exchange through it is significantly reduced.

removal of insulation - vacuuming

There are some insulation materials that are designed to be very stubborn in terms of breaking down and ultimately eliminating them, but nothing is beyond us. Below are the various attic insulation removal services we offer.

Batt insulation removal

If your home attic is characterized by a worn off batt insulation, our team will be able to remove it in no time. Our attic technicians will do this by placing the insulation in contractor trash bags and then manually transporting it out of your attic.

It may sound like a simple process, but there is still some degree of professionalism to be observed, as the possibility of dust contamination and other health risks due to lack of professional equipment are all too real.

Blown in insulation removal

This is another insulation material that is very popular in the attic. Blown in insulation is fairly difficult to remove, but at Spray Foam GTA, we are well equipped to tackle the difficulty. Our custom-designed high power vacuums are connected to a long hose to carefully suction out all the dust and debris. The dirt is then collected in a large filler bag, specially designed to handle and collect insulation material. The bag is then safely transported from the house for disposal. Our modern equipment will ensure that the insulation removal process is effective, perfect and safe for every party involved.

Insulation removal in the attic can be a dirty, messy process, and no one understands that better than us. We are committed to take on all the steps involved in the removal process, including preparation. Preparation may sound routine but it is key to ensuring a safe procedure. During preparation, our experienced technicians will do a pre-test of the insulation material to make sure there are no traces of harmful chemical elements. The assessment will also be able to determine whether there is any presence of rodents and pests, which could potentially hinder a successful insulation removal process.

Some attic spaces are very tight, but we are able to find expert ways to maneuver around every inch to ensure no bit of old insulation is left untouched. Environmental welfare is also in our consideration when it comes to insulation removal, and this is why we are equipped with other equipment and chemicals to keep the entire attic insulation removal process environmental friendly.

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