Union Gas: Home Reno Rebate Program

Home Reno Rebate program

Make your house snug and save!

Planning renovations or upgrades to your home in the near future? Outfit your home with the right renos that make it more energy efficient, and you could be eligible for some big time savings from Union Gas!

How can energy-smart upgrades help you save?

There are 3 simple ways that outfitting your home with energy saving upgrades can help you save:

  • Save money now
    Improve the energy efficiency of your home and get up to $2,500 of your renovation costs back.
  • Save money later
    Increased energy efficiency will decrease your energy bill by up to 20% every year.
  • Increase the value of your home
    An energy-efficient home is more attractive to future buyers.

How can I get started?

Looking to make the most of the available savings? Here’s how you can do it:

  • Call a participating certified energy advisor before starting your renovations.
  • Complete your pre-renovation energy assessment.
  • Review your assessment and renovation options with your energy advisor.
  • Complete at least two of the eligible renovations with a reputable contractor*.
  • Call your advisor to complete your post-renovation assessment.

Your advisor will collect and submit all the necessary paperwork to Union Gas. You will get your rebate cheque within 90 business days of submission.

*We recommend that you get quotes from at least three reputable contractors.

What are the eligible Insulation/Sealing Rebates?

Basement Insulation 1, 2, 3

$1000  For adding at least R23 to 100% of basement
 $500  For adding at least R12 to 100% of basement
 $800  For adding at least R23 to 100% of crawl space wall
 $400  For adding at least R10 to 100% of crawl space wall
 $450  For adding at least R24 to 100% of floor above crawl space

Exterior Wall Insulation 1

$1,500 Add at least R9 for 100% of building to achieve a minimum of R12.
$1,000  Add at least R3.8 for 100% of building to achieve a minimum of R12.

Attic Insulation 4

$500 For increasing attic insulation to at least R50 from R12 or less.
$250  For increasing attic insulation to at least R50 from R13 to R25.
$500  For increasing cathedral/flat roof insulation by at least R14.

Air Sealing

$150 Achieve 10% or more above base target
$100  Achieve base target

(1) The rebate is prorated based on the percentage of wall area insulated and does not include walls between individual units. For a semi-detached, rebates are 75 percent of the amounts shown.
(2) When both a basement and crawl space are present, all applicable grants are pro-rated to a maximum of $1,000 based on the total wall area.
(3) Can qualify for either crawl space wall or floor above crawl space rebate.
(4) 100% ceiling coverage required upon completion. When the roof consists of more than one type (i.e., attic, cathedral ceiling and flat roof), rebates are pro-rated based on the ceiling area and roof type. The rebate for any combination of attic, cathedral ceiling and flat roof cannot exceed $500.

While some of these may appear insignificant to the common observer, their impact on your energy cost over the long term is immense. Our technicians will take a look at your home and identify all areas that require sealing before commencing work. It is advisable to remove any items stored in attics and other heavy work areas in advance so as to make the insulation job quicker and more efficient.

To receive a free quotation for your home’s spray foam insulation, call us on 1-647-973-3626.