How it Works

When it comes to energy consumption, you want to keep the levels at a minimum. This can be hard to do when there are constant loopholes in your house that let in those extra expenses in terms of energy bills.

Spray Foam GTA offers you practical solutions to this problem, through the new spray foam insulation method. Our product is geared towards helping you win against energy loss in your building by virtually sealing all available cracks and holes around the house.

Spray polyurethane foam, as it is commonly known as, works in unbelievable ways to retain the natural conditions in your house, and we are here to reveal to you the magic behind this product. It is rapidly growing in popularity in North America especially, and here is why.

energy efficient technology for all weather conditions

How spray foam works

Sprayed polyurethane foam is essentially made by mixing and reacting two chemicals to form a foam. The two components in the reaction involve an isocyanate and a resin in which case the resin could vary from one product to the other. We, however, are driven by the best results and have therefore taken up chemicals with the best results. The components are in turn combined at exacting proportions under a certain amount of pressure and heat, and this causes them to expand within seconds thereby filling every space.

Spray foam insulation consists of an insulator and a sealant in one. By professionally installing this insulation, it works as an barrier, an insulator, and a vapor barrier. These are provided all in one application. With a comprehensive installation, it will not only reduce energy consumption but also lower your utility costs while at the same time improving indoor comfort levels. The two liquids that combine during the chemical reaction are separated to two sides in the spray gun.

What happens during installation?

Once the chemicals have mixed and reacted, the resulting foam dries very quickly. The time it will take to completely dry off will depend on the type of insulation, and our experienced technicians will be on cue to clarify how to go about your business once the insulation process is complete.

Application of the foam is conducted using very special equipment to tackle any potential health hazards such as exposure to chemicals. Your wellbeing as a homeowner should be prime, hence we take every precaution to ensure safe application of the spray foam. We specifically guidance you on when to leave the home in the event of insulation, and when exactly it would be completely okay to reside. This is particularly so with new homeowners whose houses require much more attention.

Other insulation forms such as fibreglass cover the very small holes in the walls, but these methods may in the long run prove expensive as the holes will not be completely sealed. Our spray foam product is breaking this barrier by completely filling up cracks and crevices, thereby reducing the entry of dust, insects and other forms of malice to your home.

While there are many other ways through which homeowners can insulate their homes, spray foam offers many advantages. To begin with, sprayed form is quite flexible and can be applied to all kinds of surfaces, regardless of the building material or shape.

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