The Investment in Affordable Housing for Ontario Program


The Investment in Affordable Housing for Ontario program (IAH) (2014 Extension) will
provide over $800 million in federal and provincial funding to improve access to affordable
housing over six years. The program will end March 31, 2020.
The IAH (2014 Extension) will continue to provide Service Managers (SMs) with increased
flexibility and accountability to deliver tailored programs that respond to local conditions and

Scope of the Guidelines

The Program Guidelines describe the various components of the IAH (2014 Extension) and
outline the program’s requirements.
The Ministry recognizes that adjustments or enhancements to the program’s design may be
necessary as a result of SM feedback and consultations. As such, the Program Guidelines
may be updated on an as needed basis and changes will be communicated to SMs.

Program Objectives

Supported by the principles of Ontario’s Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy (LTAHS),
the IAH (2014 Extension) builds on the successes of previous housing programs including
the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program (AHP).
The IAH (2014 Extension) has the following key objectives:

• Improve access to affordable housing that is safe, sound, suitable, and sustainable
for households across Ontario.
• Provide SMs with the flexibility to meet local needs and priorities identified in their
Housing and Homelessness Plans.
• Address the affordable housing needs of specific priority groups and contribute to
the province’s overall targets for seniors and persons with disabilities.
• Offer funding for an array of housing options that address affordable housing needs
across the housing system.
• Incorporate energy efficiency and accessibility into affordable housing units and
building design.
• Promote and support the use of apprentices and the training of skilled labour.

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